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CLL of Fort Walton Beach - Course Catalog & Registration

History, Civics, International Studies

Bible Survey - Genesis to Revelation, Emphasis on End Time Events


with Ron Weiss

Calendar Jan 16, 2024 at 10:15 am, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: The Bible is consistently a best-selling book and is recognized by Guiness World Records as being the best-selling book of all time, having sold as many as 7 billion copies. It is revered by billions but disputed by many others. It consists of 66 books that record much of the history and wisdom of the human race, written by people from all walks of life – from kings and priests to common fisherman. The stories and prophecies contained in the books of the Bible stretch back some 3,500 years. In this class, we will examine recent discoveries, archeological finds and historical research (The Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament manuscripts dating back to within 24 years Jesus’ life, etc.) that provide compelling evidence to support the contents of both the Old and New Testaments, and hopefully give you the tools to help you unlock this book of the ages!

Notes: Be sure to bring a notebook

Class Leader Bio(s): Ron has earned Ed. D., MBA, and MST degrees with studies in Wildlife Management, Marketing, Project Management, Archaeology, Anthropology, Marine Biology, Ecology and Education. Over those years as a layman, he has taught Bible courses to teens and adults since 1970.

Dissecting Disasters


with Robert Huffman

Calendar Jan 16, 2024 at 10:15 am, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: This class will look at some disastrous accidents, incidents, and production failures that have happened over the years in the aviation, maritime fields, and also the automotive industry. We will try to understand what went wrong and why the preventive actions did or did not work, we will look at the circumstances of incidents and what was officially done to prevent possible reoccurrence of the problems. I will provide visual aids and summaries for each class.

Class Leader Bio(s): Robert Huffman retired as an Air Force NCO after 27 years of service. He was a C-130 Crew Chief and Air Force Instructor. He also worked for Boeing. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Foundations and Principles of the U.S. Constitution


with Paul Wendel Brock

Calendar Jan 16, 2024 at 10:15 am, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: Class will study the "Original Intent" of the Framers using writings of the Founders. A study of The Federalist Papers and other writings by the Framers will be used. Mr. Brock has developed a system for memorizing parts of the Constitution. In addition, a Dramatization of the events at the Constitutional Convention will be shown.

Notes: $3.00 for materials for a pocket size Constitution will be collected in class.

Class Leader Bio(s): Paul Wendel Brock has a B.A. in History and a M.A. in Educational Leadership. He taught Advanced Placement (college level) History at Ft. Walton Beach High School and retired after 30 years.

International Studies


with Barry Pritchett

Calendar Jan 18, 2024 at 8:30 am, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: This course broadly covers the activities/relations between Sovereign States addressing War, Diplomacy, Trade, and Foreign Policy. While providing summaries of current events on the International Stage we will attempt to discover apparent and fundamental changes underway in the 21st Century and relevancy to American security interests and well-being. The course follows a Geopolitical approach attempting an understanding in 2024 of an ever more complex, chaotic, and perilous World.

Class Leader Bio(s): Barry Pritchett is a retired Army Officer who served in the Corps of Engineers in various assignments around the US and Europe. He is a former instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

French Revolution and Napoleon


with Dan Robison

Calendar Jan 18, 2024 at 10:15 am, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: The Revolution was the beginning of the end of feudal Europe, and Napoleon was the most dynamic figure of the 19th century, impacting French history, and all Europe.

Class Leader Bio(s): Dan Robison received his Ph.D. in history from Auburn University, specializing in Modern Europe, and has taught a variety of courses for CLL since 2001.

Okaloosa County Museum Trail


with Barbara Palmgren

Calendar Jan 18, 2024 at 10:15 am, runs for 6 weeks

Course Description: Tour all museums in Okaloosa County. Each museum will be sent a list of expected attendees. One visit will include the Airforce Armament and the Heritage Museum of NW Fl. We may meet that morning at 9:45 a.m. at the Heritage Museum. The last tour day we visit all three museums in the northern part of the county. We meet at the Air Force Armament Museum and carpool to The Bush House in Crestview, Carver-Hill in Crestview the Baker Block Museum. This will be an all-day class with us having lunch at a local restaurant. Museums on the south end of the “trail” include Destin History and Fishing, Air Force Armament, Emerald Coast Science Center, Heritage Park and Cultural Center, and Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. 6-week class.

Notes: $22 class fee to be paid at the first class to cover the museum fees. 6-week class, first class on January 18 will be held at UWF. Classes meet January 18, February 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. Museum visits begin February 1. We will NOT meet on January 25. A list of each week’s location will be given at the January 18 class. Students are responsible for driving to the museums each week.

Class Leader Bio(s): Dr. Barbara Palmgren is a retired educator and author who currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. She thinks it is important that seniors become aware of all the museums in Okaloosa County.

Great Decisions


with Ken Mulder

Calendar Jan 19, 2024 at 1 pm, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: “What in the World is going on?!” This Great Decisions course will explore and discuss eight newsworthy topics. The class format will provide a brief intro and background of the topic, followed by class interaction and discussion.

Notes: Availability of reading and reference material, some at cost, will be discussed at first class.

Class Leader Bio(s): Charlie Walter’s background has been concentrated on teaching, group process and facilitation. He was a high school teacher, business trainer and safety guy. Ken Mulder’s background has concentrated on Project Management, Supply Chain Improvement and Customer Satisfaction Improvement. Both Charlie and Ken are long time participants at CLL and bring a wide array of experience to this effort.

Rhythm and Blues


with Bob Butler

Calendar Jan 19, 2024 at 1 pm, runs for 8 weeks

Course Description: Listen and learn about great R&B Music from the 50's & 60's.

Class Leader Bio(s): Bob Butler holds an MBA from Central Michigan University. He has been a Junior H.S. Math teacher, a Buick dealer, and has a lifelong passion for “My kind of Music.”

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